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Product Descriptions - Audacity Handheld Line

Audacity Personal --You're driving down the highway and suddenly you get a thought. Great idea, but can you remember it until you can write it down? Suddenly, a potential new client calls and starts rattling off the details of his situation. You really need to remember this, but writing and driving is tough. What is the solution? You need the Audacity Personal Voice Recorder to record the conversation. It turns your Palm or Pocket PC cell phone into an easy-to-use voice recorder for memos and phone calls. It provides one-handed access to a full-featured and inexpensive voice recorder using a hardware device you always carry.

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Audacity Professional --You're a busy professional and need to stay productive even when out of the office. You need a simple-to-use voice recorder like the Audacity Personal for your personal memos, but you also need a recorder with features conducive for dictation. Your secretary or transcriptionist will process many of your recordings. You need Audacity Professional.

Audacity Professional is built around an "Intelligent Infrastructure" which facilitates the processing of your files by other people and workflow management software. It includes a much larger feature set than the Personal product and is also packaged with the LAM (Local Audacity Manager) software. LAM is a desktop file management application that handles archiving, decryption, communications and Notification. Communication options include WiFi, Email, and FTP. Audacity Professional files can be used with most transcription software but integrates most closely with the Audacity Transcriber.

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Audacity Pro Plus --You're a doctor and would like to see your patient list and demographics prior to dictating. You also want a listing of your common procedure codes so a code can be integrated into the dictation. Audacity Pro Plus allows up to 3 databases to complement the dictation process. Pro Plus is great for hospitals, clinics, etc. to provide a more integrated experience.

For more information about Audacity Pro Plus click on this link

Audacity Communicator --You're on your way to an important meeting when you get a call from Pete. This is big; Pete could bring you a lot of business. He is meeting with his boss in a half hour to discuss your proposal. He needs the price list, but he is traveling. Can you get it to him pronto? You can't write his instructions while driving so you use Audacity to record them. You know your secretary is at lunch and your important meeting is in 5 minutes. You add a few notes to the end of the phone call recording, and ..... Well nothing, job done! Within minutes, a message pops up on your secretary's desk telling her to listen to your message. Your secretary sends the price list. Problem solved. Audacity Communicator is the solution.

Audacity Communicator uses the cellular network to send the file to your secretary behind the scenes. It is simply the easiest way for a mobile professional to communicate with his / her secretary and beyond. It provides an easy way to process simple tasks like charge capture notes and also complicated tasks like long dictations.

Audacity Communicator is a service of Audacity Audio. It is customized to the way you work. Since it is a communications service, there is no expensive software to purchase. It offers a completely new way to communicate with your office and beyond. There is no phone call to make and no voice mail to navigate. Just record and stop. It is the quickest and easiest way for a mobile professional to communicate with his office. You'll love it.

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BlackBerry -- The BlackBerry has become a very popular Smartphone for the business community. One of our business partners has a very nice dictation application that uses the BlackBerry to record. The service includes the file transport as well as the transcription tools.

Clicking the following link lets you trial this service after accepting a license agreement. Click Here