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Audacity Voice Recorder - Personal Edition For Palm

Audacity is an easy-to-use voice recorder application for your Palm Smartphone or PDA. It is designed for easy one-handed recording of voice notes and phone calls. It includes all common record functions and a desktop PC sync conduit. MAC users can sync using an SD card reader.

Target Market
- Users wanting an inexpensive voice recorder to record voice memos and phone calls for their personal use.

Buy Now - $29.99 Key Product Features
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Hands-On Installation Support Product Support and Upgrades
Hardware Supported Download Manuals

Key Features Include:

  • Easy one-handed operation using navigation button.
  • Record to either internal memory or to an SD card. Application must be run from internal memory.
  • Programmable buttons, including side record button.
  • Support for both compressed or uncompressed audio types.
  • Very high compression option (6 kbps or 21 minutes per MB of storage).
  • Append, pause, rewind, and fast forward functions.
  • Record phone calls with a Treo or Centro Smartphone.
  • Flexible filename templates and file categories.
  • Record your own audio alarms.
  • Includes a conduit to transfer files to the PC during HotSync operation.

Purchase Registration Code - Includes e-mail support, upgrades, and registration code support for a full year.
Palm User ID (case sensitive) - Required  
PDA Model Used

Download Software Demo / Purchase - The Audacity software may be used as a fully functional 7 day demo. The demo becomes a fully registered version by entering a purchased registration code. The registration code is based on the Palm User ID (also known as the HotSync ID). The Palm User ID is displayed on the Audacity registration screen. It is case and space sensitive so we need it exactly as it is displayed. The download is a single zip file that contains a manual, a quick-start guide, Audacity software, AudAlarm (a voice alarm handler), and CardSpeed (a free utility helpful in evaluating the effectiveness of your SD card), and the Audacity sync conduit.

Audacity Personal Version 3.13

Download Software for PC Install (same for purchase or demo)

Download Software for MAC Install (same for purchase or demo)

Download Manuals

Download Quick Start Guide

Download Manual

Installation Instructions

Audacity Code Upgrade Instructions